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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> coffee, doughnuts, sodas on side. don't wander too far.
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live coverage of the two of the committee platform meeting in orlando. they are taking a 15 minute or now.eak right meantime, we will show you the earlier news conference from president obama in warsaw where he spoke about the need for improved gun laws and safety. president obama: you cannot set aside the gun issue and pretend it's irrelevant. at the protest in dallas, one of the challenges for the dallas police department as they are being shot at is because this is an open carry state, there are a bunch of people participating in the protest who have weapons on them. imagine if you are a police officer trying to sort out who is shooting at you and there are
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a bunch of people with guns on them. in minneapolis, we don't know yet what happened but we do know car there was a gun in the was licensed,y but it caused, in some fashion, those tragic events. no, we cannot ignore that and pretend that's somehow political or the president is pushing his policy agenda. it is a contributing factor, not the sole factor but a contributing factor to the broader tensions that arise between police and the communities where they serve. so we have to talk about that.
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as i have said before, there is a way to talk about that that is consistent with our constitution and the second amendment. the problem is even mention of provokes this kind of polarization. the issue of to gun safety, there is polarization. intense minority and a majority of americans who actually think we could be doing better when it comes to gun safety but that expresses itself when it comes to legislation in congress or in state legislatures and that's too bad. we will have to tackle that at some point and i'm not going to stop talking about it. we don't talk about
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it, we are not going to solve underlying problems. live secure at the orlando hotel ballroom where democratic already platform committee meetings taking place today. sees in his covering -- c-span is covering the entire that live for a while we wait for them to resume, we will show you today's earlier activities.
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>> we need to come to order. please take your seat. her -- i need people to take their seats please. be ready to reconvene. if you want to get home this weekend.
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no one is used to our starting on time. no one is used to it. courtney. testing. amendment number 36 has been withdrawn. 58 on page 10 r 35, the proposed amendment is to add the following -- many state democratic parties have voiced opposition to the tpp and in this case, full and more complete discussion of the content should be debated in look.
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we do not support any senate vote on the tpp during their lame-duck session this year. the agreement was not publicly discussed and debated on an issue by issue basis and we await to the next generation of americans to give more thoughtful information prior to entering into a well-meaning but questionably people centric agreement. there are too many questions to condone support for the tpp. >> the proponent has one minute. >> i yield my time to jim hightower. >> is it on here? you are only yielding one minute. >> i got it. we will start the clock. degreell let my second amendment. becauses not an order we have not had anyone speak to
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the original amendment. it hasn't been seconded yet. the original amendment needs to be spoken to. i will then see if there are 15 supporters, which i assume there will be but we have to follow up on decorum. and i'm extending your one minute but it is on the issue of the original amend it. >> i'm in support of the original amendment and i will be substituting a section. you are in support of the original amendment. you have spoken in support of it. either 15 individuals in support of it. 50 -- 15 individuals in support of it. we will go to a debate with respect to the original amendment.
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>> we want to offer the second-degree amendment. >> we have an amendment that has not been spoken to. >> it has been submitted. >> there has been a finding. ok. just give us one minute and we will try to figure it out. just give me one minute.
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if we can come back to order. we will hear the high-power
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byndment and once it is read , mr. hightower then has one minute to describe i will ascertain whether there are 15 supporters. pursuant to that discussion, you will be granted. i assume you will take five minutes to be followed by five minutes of discussion by an opponent. this is all pursuant to agreement. now recognize mr. hightower for the purposes of making an amendment. >> the essence of this america ofamendment is is a policy the democratic party the transpacific partnership does not get a vote in this session
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or future sessions of congress. proposal is important to grassroots americans and the success of our party because tpp is not just another trade proposal, it is a shop that ,nleashes global waste busters the world bank stores, internet monopolists, predators to rip us off and avert our people democratic sovereignty. it is not enough to think we can with soft words and regulations. we must kill it before it kills our democracy. >> i will ask if there are 15
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supporters. there are 15 supporters. five minutes by the proponents of this amendment to speak to it followed by five minutes of the opponents of this amendment for that please begin the five minutes. >> i appreciate the unity we are feeling. this will carry us a great distance into the next couple months and i urge us to join in the most absolute action we can take against tpp. the tpp section of our party platform as it now stands is not just inadequately solved, it's a disaster to the inadequate statement of our party's political free will. millions of our core
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voters are on fire about the tpp power grab. naturally assuming the leaders of the people's party would also be on fire about it. using lame language tells them we will not stand with them on this fight against the greed itself, against the people who wrote this. the second reason is politics. donald trump is telling working-class americans all across this country that he will flat out kill tpp. we now learn the gop platform specifically said no lame-duck vote on tpp. the republicans will give a flat-out statement full's that he will hammer hillary mercilessly. it's humiliating.
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i offer this straightforward amend it as a form of elliptical viagra. >> ordinary americans know that thise on their side for document is 2000 pages of p are unadulterated maneuver. first, it is not in a trade deal. it is a corporate empowerment deal.
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>> you have got a lot of people behind you. >> chairman cummings yesterday ond we should keep our eyes our children. and on their children. tpp is forever. most people don't know that. a future president cannot get out of it. if you're not at the table, you are on the menu.
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it's absurd that our platform would have said democrats are divided on tpp. that's not even close to true. 85% of the house democratic caucus has its own record against the tpp. enough, these are boxes containing 10 to 15 thousand petition signed by the american people in the last weekend i have full more than 700,000 of them have signed. >> when you are done, please clear so we can have the opponents use their agreed to five minutes. >> now with the opponents of the
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hightower amendment, which does appear before you on the screen. five minutes in opposition beginning now. >> good morning. i am from the great state of new jersey. we just supported the sanders amendment which protects that lays out principles that would allow the trade deals including the tpp a long into the future. principles, not process. i urge you not to support the hightower amendment. we supported our amendment and i believe this is the right thing for working families and working
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people of the united states. thank you. >> mr. chairman, i think most of us in this room share the zeal that has been expressed here. sometimes, however, is a list approach can lead us to certain unintended consequences. this amendment states there should never be in any future session of the congress a vote on tpp.
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we elect our congressmen in tennessee and expect them to stand up and represent us. this is the approach that republicans are taking on gun control. >> let's have some to quorum here. we have no authority whatsoever to tell the congress it could not on legislation. that is undemocratic and unconstitutional. tpp,ey can't debate the how can they make changes to it?
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>> i rise in opposition to this amendment and go back to the sanders amendment we just the highestat has standard for workers, the highest standards to protect our environment that will apply not only now but in the future to all trade agreements, including tpp. thank you. >> we are going to go to a vote. please put up the issue. >> pursuant to agreement, each side has five minutes. we will go to a vote. please don't vote until it's on the screen. this is a yes vote would be in favor of the hightower amendment, a no vote would be against.
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>> courtney, please read the
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next amendment. x amendment number 46 -- >> amendment number 46. >> i apologize. courtney, i apologize. that was an amendment to the amendment. we have the original amendment. substitute? and it failed. pursuant to agreement, courtney read the next amendment, the amendment is deemed failed. number 46 sponsored page 10,o garcia on line 36. the proposed amendment is to have this section read us follows. democrats will support laws and regulations that will prohibit leaves.ican company who
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i am from dallas, texas. dallas policea officer. the events there have been pretty hard on a lot of people there. we see over and over again theany company leaving united states and coming back and wanting to do business. iat is so inherently wrong think democrats need to stand up and say if you want to do business in america, stay in america. >> are there 15 second or's? there are 15. the proponents have five minutes. minutesonents have five
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. if they don't want to use it, the opponents have five minutes. we are going to call to question . please put the 32nd clock up. please don't vote until i call for a vote. favor of the amendment, you vote yes. if you are, you vote no. please vote. >> i'm going to ask for one more
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amendment, to more amendment and then we will break for lunch. give me some guidance on how lunch will be but please read the next amendment. number 143 has been withdrawn. sponsored byber 40 domingo garcia on page eight , the proposed amendment is to have this section read as follows. democrats will support stronger criminal laws and civil penalties to be applied to wall street criminals who prey on the public trust. >> i don't know how many of you saw the movie. that is really what happened. at goldman sachs, nobody at any wall street went to jail
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on millions of americans lost their homes for the millions of americans went bankrupt. and nobody prosecuted them. a young man may go in and rob a 711 and go to prison for life but people who steal millions and billions of dollars never get held accountable and the democratic party needs to stand with consumers and go after the criminals. thank you. [applause] we have 15 seconds. i am going to call to question. i think we can do this one on end. all in favor, raise your white cards. all opposed. with four votes
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against. i want to thank everybody. we will take a one hour lunch. people strictly to this. it is a cash sale. there are facilities in the hotel as well or you can go anywhere and eat anything as long as you are back in your seat in one hour. we will reconvene in this this spot. leave your clickers where they are.
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>> we are back to our coverage live in orlando as a democratic committee platform committee meeting resort shortly after a break. day one begin yesterday afternoon and the session content used into the early morning hours. ofre are 180 seven members the platform committee and this is the last of four regional meetings as democrats work to come to an agreement and complete the 15 house in word platform. the document will be voted on at the convention in philadelphia later this month. our coverage will continue throughout the day session and we expect them to remain shortly.
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>> we are going to reconvene in five minutes. five minute warning.
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>> we are waiting for this democratic platform committee meeting to resume after a short break. we have been told there is a five minute running so it will start shortly. bernie sanders said the party's platform scored a win late friday night with the approval of an amendment calling for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 over time. >> that will help us move things along.
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>> we are going to bring americans together and remove the areas. we will go to principal leaderships after that. in supporting our troops.
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., 10, 11 for that
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>> to everyone have the amendments for bring americans together and remove their your section? barrier section?
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does everyone have this section bring americans together and remove barriers section? if you do not have it, will you raise your hand?
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front section needs the amendment. do you have 161? we are going to start with the introduction. reverend hale wanted to bring her good wishes and on her behalf, we will start. we can only move our country forward and create opportunities for all if we do everything in our power to end institutional and systemic racism.
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and demonstrate that we understand why black lives matter. we will fix our broken immigration system and confront any effort or language that denigrates those seeking to become new citizens. democrats will fight for comprehensive nondiscrimination protections. i'm inspired by her commitment self-government, self-determination for people of the u.s. territory, and by honoring indigenous tribal nations and living up to our moral and legal responsibility to american indian and alaskan native tribes. each of us may have a different reason why we call ourselves democrats and align ourselves
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with this party. i am aemocrat because democrats are dven by the passionate exchange of ideas aimed at moving our country forward. we will start with the first amendment. amendment 161 sponsored by stephen benjamin on page 10, line 44. the proposed amendment is to insert where appropriate in the racial justice section the following -- democrats support removing the confederate battle flag from public properties, recognizing it as a symbol of our nation's racist past that has no place in our present or future. >> is the sponsor here to speak? >> i offer this amendment on
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behalf of myself and fellow delegates. i think we have feelings of strong support here. do we? [applause] i yield my time back to the chair. >> is there any second? a second. anyone would like to speak in opposition? we will go to a vote. all in favor, raise your hand. cheering] the aye's have it. >> amendment number 128 has been withdrawn. amendment number 47 has been withdrawn. amendment number 48 has been withdrawn. we are waiting on updated language for amendment 50. >> are those all of the amendments? >> there are additional amendments.
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after 50, there is 59. amendment 59 has been withdrawn. amendment number 66 has been withdrawn. amendment number 139 sponsored ,y benjamin kemper on page 11 line 41, the proposed amendment is as follows -- on page 11, line 41, strike the following: explore reforms of the civil asset forfeiture system and insert reform the civil asset forfeiture system to prohibit police from keeping assets seized during an alleged crime when their owners are not convicted of that crime. [applause] >> just a second. can we hold on that and come
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back to that? they are asking us to come back to that. the next one please. number 164. >> on page 11, line 47, the proposed amendment is to insert on page 11 line 47 after the word addiction and mental health issues, the following. it also means building on effective models of drug courts, veterans courts, and other diversionary programs that seek to give low level and nonviolent offenders opportunities for rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration. >> thank you. >> thank you. i rise on behalf of supporting this amendment. like many here, i live in a state ravaged by the heroine and
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usoid crisis that is facing tragedy after tragedy. i spent years in the criminal justice system and i'm here to tell you we are not going to arrest our way out of this problem. [applause] my colleague from indiana spoke about more discretion and that is what this is about, giving people the tools they need. there are people, violent people, who belong in jail but there are a lot of people who don't need handcuffs, they just need a hand. we need to concentrate on the 55% of people who are locked up your eligible from substances -- for substance abuse treatment. we need veterans courts, drug courts. all of those rings are available. -- things are available. >> is there a second? second. anyone speaking against this? we'll go to a vote.
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all in favor indicated by raising your hand. all opposed. five opposed. it is past. next amendment. what's we will be going back to amend and six -- amendment 66. paschalponsor is chuck on page 11, line 40. , we willsed amendment assist stays in providing a system of public defense that is adequately resourced. >> a parliamentary inquiry, i was told this was being accepted into the draft. why it was withdrawn
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earlier. is that not correct? >> i was told that language is .ncorporated into the draft is that not correct? >> we do not have updated language. i will offer the amendment. one of the ways to make a criminal justice system more fair is to make sure there is adequate defense provided. throughout the country, there is is a system where some states fully fund a public defense system and some states like mine provide no funding at all. which means that defendants do to lawyers who
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have caseloads that are manageable for it means that defendants don't have access to investigators and other things required to have a competent and quality defense to their criminal charges. this results in false convictions. fair publicave a defense system that will adequately defend those accused of crimes. >> is there anyone in opposition? opposition? if there is no opposition, it will go to a vote. all in favor indicated by holding your cards up. all opposed.
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it passes. >> amendment number 60 sponsored .y dennis a dusty the proposed amendment is before line one, at the following. because of conflicting laws can turning marijuana, both on the hydro and state level, we encourage the federal government to remove marijuana from its list as a class one federal controlled substance, providing a reasoned pathway for future legalization. [applause] clerks of the sponsor has one minute. >> i was told earlier that this would be combined with number 35 that has similar wording for that day -- wording. >> why don't we said that aside?
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let's hold it and we will determine it. 60.5 and we need to have that question answered. in the meantime, is there an answer for that in the room? if not, we will hold it for now. it is similar language. to find outing whether there is agreement to this. so we can make a ruling.
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60 is withdrawn. 35 -- 60 is withdrawn, and my hearing that right? thank you. what is the next amendment? >> thank you. amendment 35 sponsored by page 12, cramer on line five, the proposed amendment is page 12, line five after the word uncertainty, enter the following, we will also remove marijuana from the controlled substances act. >> today, they're one is treated as a schedule one drug like heroine. regardless of your views, i don't think anyone in this room
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believes marijuana is as dangerous as heroine. the time has come to remove marijuana from the controlled substances act. it should be up to the states to decide whether to legalize their water or not. we need to rethink the war on drugs. -- legalize marijuana or not. we are arresting one marijuana user every minute but have not arrested one executive on wall street for causing the near collapse of the economy in 2008. that has got to change. veterans living in states with medical marijuana cannot get a prescription through the v.a. because it's still illegal federally. marijuana's classification was only supposed to be temporary when the law was passed in the 1970's. this is a long overdue change. states shouldink
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be able to do what they want with marijuana. >> are their opponents? are there seconds? are their opponents? the proponents go first. five minutes. >> a young lady in nashville was having over 500 seizures and month. vanderbilt university in the medical professions told her all they could do for her was a lobotomy or a do not resuscitate. the family was required to move to colorado and develop a strand called charlotte's web. this young lady today is down to five she's yours a month -- seizures a month. she is four years old and she is
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working. the marijuana craze that nixon 1970's was anhe effort to suppress hippies and blacks. [applause] is time for law enforcement of the the perpetuation suppression of the minority communities and people without means. >> our jails are full. of people who have opiate you will see that when this legislation occurs, at the state and local level, dropping the prohibitions against this natural product that you will see a reduction.
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we have historically proven the reduction in no be your it needs to be regulated and the criminal penalties need to come off this. i encourage support for this amendment. [applause] we are a medical marijuana state in new mexico. medical marijuana patient and you live in hud use yourou cannot prescribed medication in your own home. you cannot use it. marijuana is exponentially safer than alcohol. [applause] we all know this. this is not on par with heroin.
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if you face toward the back of the audience you are not viewed by the public online. you got to do both. you have to turn this way. this is yet another way that low income disabled seniors and putrans are kept from being on medications that cause addictions. i personally was severely overmedicated and was housebound because of that area now with i am here.ijuana i am representing my country. marijuana saves people's lives.
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>> i am from the state of colorado. we have all kinds of pot in colorado. rocky mount high. there are some unknown consequences of our federal law. there are children with cancer that are receiving some sort of medical marijuana that cannot be administered to them in school. lawad a law called jack's signed by our governor but because of funding issues that cannot be administered to them in public schools. these are children with cancer of the you rca -- you are saying can't go to school. >> i appreciate the support for this amendment.
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especially the people that are trying to get jobs who have to check the box that they've been convicted of a crime. they need to be supported so that we are taking care of those people. >> time is up. opponents? five minutes for the opponents. i'm for illinois. i wanted to acknowledge my assistant from ohio because i am now a member of the new democratic party. what i am speaking to is my opposition to this amendment. amendmented to this
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for two reasons. one of them is substantive but the other is principled. really reduces marijuana from all schedules. these legal policy changes to allow the marijuana research. we also support the movement on the schedule. to remove it completely we believe is not appropriate at this time. , in we have right now illinois we are now supporting medical marijuana. the states of taken the lead on this. there are other places that are beginning to compile valuable information that will allow us to determine what should occur
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next. i suggest that we allowed the states to continue to take the lead. to resolve these issues. once we see what the results are the federal government make a move. (boo!!") once we agree on language. when the two parties in this new democratic party agree on language we need to stick with that language. we had an agreement come out of this. let's stay with those agreements. >> i am from the state of montana. i fully support legalization. the current law in the platform has been accepted already to support the policies that allow for more research and reforming
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laws to allow medical marijuana businesses to exist. i think that is the language that we need to stick to. the problem with this is, unlike the withdrawn amendment that removed it simply from a schedule one drug, this removes it from all schedules. with you think it should go to a different schedule for regulation or what do you think it should come off altogether and go to fda regulation, it is an important fundamental issue. intost throw it out there a completely unmarked area is not a good idea. the current language is the appropriate one. but against this amendment. ("boo!") >> i would like to offer amendments number 60 as a secondary amendment to replace number 35.
5:07 pm
case, 15 seconds for that. you know have a minute to describe it. -- you now have a minute to describe. you have already heard a number of the arguments. because there are conflicting laws, at the federal and state urge the federal government to remove marijuana from its list as a class one federal controlled substance. there is no reason that we need to be penalizing people. >> this is the secondary amendment number 60?
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we'll have the people speaking in favor of this. >> point of parliamentary inquiry. is this an order right now? >> they have agreed to this. to five, one of your five. >> what did you withdraw? in other words, the one you agree to you withdrew. i think they are introducing one that no one has agreed to. the two campaigns have agreed to five amendments that they could
5:09 pm
a marijuanalso isndment so my understanding that they have done that and i was wondering if this is actually an order. >> we will take a minute to answer that question. but just a minute. >> under normal circumstances we would not take this up. but because you are claiming this is one of the five that was previously agreed to which i believe leaves you with three we you topared to to allow offer it and you have offered it and it has been spoken to. there are 15 sponsors. under the circumstances we are
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going to allow it has one of the five under the prior agreement. >> you now have five minutes to speak in favor of the secondary amendment. >> i am from the state of nevada. it is time to end uncertainty between state laws and federal laws. it is time to allow teachers who may need to medicaid not feel threatened that they will lose their jobs. in my state of nevada, it is toe for individuals to want get a gaming license to be able to do so. while using medical marijuana without. >> one moment please. we need the right amendment up. 60.
5:11 pm
>> we need a reasonable pathway for future legislation regarding marijuana in this country. we have two systems of criminal justice regarding marijuana right now. the haves and have-nots. that is not america. we need to provide sensible reasons pathways and legislation is coming andana democrats can either be at the head of the line where the way back index only in politics. nicole: i live one hour away from the mexican border. i also lived in tucson arizona. we have to regularly pass through border patrol stops. whether or not you have a
5:12 pm
medical cannabis card or not they will seize your medicine. how many times have you gone through a federal agency and have them take away your blood pressure medication? how many times? how many of you have had vicodin sees? seized? >> opponents? it will go to a vote. this is on the secondary amendment. favor of number 60 please raise your cards. all opposed.
5:13 pm
("the ayes have it!") >> a 32nd vote. 30 second vote. 30 seconds. 10 seconds. [applause] it passes. [applause]
5:14 pm
next amendment please. amendment. amendment number nine. sponsored by karen marisol key. yamasaki. 12, line 21. >> point of order. i wonder if this actually
5:15 pm
passed. the rule says it has to pass by 1%. >> majority. >> but someone abstained. that point.sked for what is the vote? when you fail to exercise your if you voted in the majority. [applause] when theym abstained, it's as if they voted yes?
5:16 pm
can we appeal? would like a roll call on the ruling of the chair please. on!") >> can we settle down? we want to be fair and we want to follow the rules.
5:17 pm
>> can i move to establish a quorum? a roll call on the quorum, please. >> 30 second vote. >> we request the recess. >> we can't hear you. come over here.
5:18 pm
there are a couple of numbers that become important. 91.75 is a quorum. we just had a vote with 81 and 80. so those are some important numbers to remember. we can establish a quorum that we just established it. we have the parliamentarian. she has given this advice. i just heard a request for
5:19 pm
two people to get clickers. clicker, do not have a we need to get you a clicker. >> why would they not have a clicker at this point? >> just give us one minute. >> regular order. [indiscernible]
5:20 pm
>> unless there is another point of order, we are working on this.
5:21 pm
stand at ease. >> which point of order are you working on?
5:22 pm
(crowd chatter)
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>> ladies and gentlemen.
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>> let's move on, ladies and gentlemen. take your seats please. take your seats quickly. just a second.
5:27 pm
take your seats. just one quick announcement. suggestion that someone does not have a clicker. wait a second. . want to go on record if you don't have a clicker now is your chance to get one. if you lose your clicker. if you can't find it, please advise us. you must use your own clicker. don't use someone else's clicker. indication, this is not a joke. clicker,ake a vote by
5:28 pm
that means we can track the vote. if you are not voting with your clicker, it's a problem. i didn't know i would have to make that announcement. we are settled on that. pryor: we were very pleased thatthe unity amendment the sanders campaign manager the clinton campaign agreed to and adopted. it was our hope that we would maintain that unity. i think that maybe when we go back and look at the clicker issue, maybe there were a few people that didn't vote. we will let that slide. we would want this vote not to change.
5:29 pm
we will withdraw our objections. [applause] franklin: next amendment please. >> amendment number nine. amasaki.d by karen n on page 12, line 21. the proposed amendment is to add after the words character and history the following. system is immigration full of backlogs and bureaucracy that result in u.s. citizens waiting for decades to be reunited with family members and green cardholders waiting for years to be reunited with their addses and minor children
5:30 pm
after we bust and before defend against, fix these family backlogs and. karen: i am sponsoring this amendment. sponsoring this amendment, to appreciate the drafters in their strong immigration reform language. wanted to make sure we were clear about the need to address the backlog. there are over 4 million family in line foring visas that are not sufficient for the family categories. spouses and minor children of green card holders wait almost two years and from mexico, three
5:31 pm
years. this is spouses and minor children, people legally here. the wait time for unmarried adult children of a green card holder from mexico is over 20 years. for brothers and sisters from the philippines, almost 25 years. helpsing families immigrants to integrate and become more economically stable, since they don't need to send money back to family members. they're are able to be more productive without worrying about family members left behind. >> do we have 15 seconds? we do? do we have anyone prepared to speak in opposition? hearing none, we will go to a show of hands. all in favor indicate by raising your hand. all opposed? it passes. thank you. next amendment, please. >> amendment number 50,
5:32 pm
sponsored by benjamin jealous on page 11, line 35, the proposed 35ndment is to strike line beginning with "we will invest in training for officers" and replace with the following beginning at line 35 to line 40, ending with the following, "including through reforming the grand jury process." "we willion will read, work with police chiefs to invest in training for officers on issues such as de-escalation and the creation of national guidelines for the appropriate use of force, including how to deescalate situations. we will encourage better police-community relations, require the use of body cameras, and stop the use of weapons of war that have no place in our communities. we will end racial profiling
5:33 pm
that targets individual solely ethnic city,gion, and national origin, which is un-american and counterproductive. dataould report national on policing strategies and andide greater transparency accountability. we will require the department of justice to investigate all questionable or suspicious police involved shootings, and we will support states and localities who help make those investigations and prosecutions --including through reforming the grand jury process." >> thank you. the sponsor has one minute. >> thank you, madam chair. we started yesterday with a great unity on the $15 minimum wage.
5:34 pm
pryor just now graciously reference the need for us to continue in that spirit of unity. it's my pleasure to stand beside my fellow soldier in the civil rights movement, dan crump. here with the two campaigns are in all agreement on this language. [applause] from minnesota to louisiana to d allas, to baltimore, where i'm from, oakland and many other places, there is a need for us trustuild the truck -- between our communities and the police and this will do that. thank you. we will urge that everybody support this. >> 15 seconds.
5:35 pm
after the second. thank you. we have the second. now you have five minutes. [applause] democrat andud president of a national bar association 66,000 black lawyers, judges, and legal professionals all across america. for benand proudly jealous, who is the president of the national association for the advancement of colored people. last time we were together here in orlando, fighting for justice for trayvon martin about 40 miles from here. and congresswoman maxine waters
5:36 pm
-- the spirit of this bill goes directly to what happened in ferguson,own, and missouri when they came in with these weapons of war in our communities. it is so very important that we are unified 100% as democrats on this, because we need the statistics to make the case. baltimore,esota, maryland, los angeles, california, and everywhere they continue to kill unarmed people of color without any accountability.
5:37 pm
[chanting "black lives matter"] is, what dr.sion king said -- when i talk to all the young people in black lives matter, congresswoman waters, the system break our hearts over and over and over again. nobody is being held accountable when they kill our children. dr. king said what we remember most is not the criticism of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. let them know that the democratic party stood up for them unanimously for criminal justice reform. thank you. >> vote together and get this done. god bless.
5:38 pm
you have 2 minutes. >> my name is justin and i'm from minnesota. i'm going to speak this way because i need my people at home to see that we hear and we are best to honor the struggle. my comrades are in the streets right now. we are here. we are not safe. a man's life,ided and a man was murdered in front of his four-year-old daughter. you can hear screaming in the background, trying to comfort her mother. this amendment is the beginning of what we need to start as a revision and of a brand-new justice system. revisioning of a brand-new justice system. we don't have a justice system today.
5:39 pm
we have a crime and punishment system, one that protects the profit and property of the wealthy and divides and controls the rest of us. it will divide you from your family. we will struggle and resist every moment that we can, and still we build -- until we build a system that works for our people. as a down payment on the work we've got to do to get it right. >> thank you. 40 seconds. [applause] >> good afternoon. my name is kelly. i'm a social justice and civil rights activist from cincinnati, ohio. in 2001, leading up to 2001, 14 african-american men were murdered at the hands of cincinnati police officers. i was on the frontlines fighting .or justice for those citizens i do respect our police officers. i understand we need them in our
5:40 pm
communities. however, police officers are taught to serve and protect our communities, not kill our communities. i was recently in cleveland fighting for justice for tamir rice. ohio, a in cincinnati, man was murdered. they have to be held accountable. [applause] >> excuse me, one minute. one minute, please. we just want to make very clear that most of the people in this room have been in prayer most of the last week. family,for the sterling the castilo family, the 5 officers and her families killed in dallas -- their families killed in dallas.
5:41 pm
[applause] i am a criminologist i training because my grandfather was in law enforcement for 30 years during he was the inspiration in my life. this issue is not either/or, it's both/and. nobody should be discriminated against because of the color of the skin or the color of thr uniform. this though is needed because we are the party of martin luther king and we've got to finish the work that he started. forward on this even as we move forward on the rest of the equation. thank you. [applause] >> we are ready for a vote. ready for a vote. all in favor indicate by a show of hands. all opposed.
5:42 pm
the ayes have it. passes unanimously. the next amendment, amendment number 139, sponsored by benjamin kemper. page 11, line 41. the proposed amendment is on page 11, line 41, strike the following. "explore reforms of the civil asset forfeiture system and insert the following, "reform the civil asset forfeiture system to protect people and remove perverse incentives for policing for profit." >> the wrong thing is on the screen right now. amendment.a unity
5:43 pm
she just read it, but it's not on the screen. >> you have the right amendment? >> can you read that again, please? >> you can read it. my name is ben temper from los angeles, california. -- ben kemper. i am from los angeles, california. this is a unity agreement. i'm very proud to be able to announce that. strike "1, line 41, explore reforms of the civil asset forfeiture system" and insert "reform the civil asset forfeiture system to protect people and to remove perverse incentives for policing for profit." >> thank you. are there seconds? 15 seconds, we have them. anyone speaking against this? should not be. all in favor.
5:44 pm
indicate by the sound of aye. passage is unanimous. it passed. >> that's not what passed. >> not the screen. come back. a i will read this again in second. idea thate have no you can be driving down the highway and let's say you've got no front license plate. not particularly a criminal act but something they can pull you over for. >> out of order. we just need you to read the amendment. it passed. >> ok. it's a unity amendment, ma'am.
5:45 pm
>> i know it is. that's why a want you to read it -- i want you to read it. [inaudible] yes, if we want to be here until wednesday. [inaudible] i agree that we should. >> may i have a point of personal privilege? >> read the amendment, because there's a question about it. >> i did read it. i will read it again. page 11, line 41, strike "explore reforms of the civil asset forfeiture system" and civil assetrm the forfeiture system to protect people and remove perverse incentives for policing for profit." >> that is what passed. >> that is what passed, ma'am. >> can we celebrate that?
5:46 pm
>> thank you very much. next amendment. >> amendment 168 has been withdrawn. amendment number 175 has been withdrawn. amendment number 131 has been withdrawn. number 52 has been withdrawn. amendment number 132 has been withdrawn. amendment number 31 -- it's a little further back in the packet.
5:47 pm
that amendment has been withdrawn. is that the end? >> yes. >> we are going to take a 15 minute break. thank you very much. [crowd chatter]
5:48 pm
>> the democratic national convention meeting in orlando has gone to a break. we will resume shortly. with the president overseas, delivereddent biden weekly address commemorating the lives lost in shootings this past week. the republican address, senator pat toomey talks about his funding tolimit so-called sanctuary cities. i did not know the officers who were killed and wounded this week. the man with the braveheart and generous soul.
5:49 pm
the son who made his mom proud every time he turned and smiled at her. the friend you knew you could count on, the guy who always had your back. being a cop isn't what they did, it was who they were. like every officer in joints for essentially the same reason. there is something about them that made them think they could help, that they should serve, that they had a duty. targeted theet police force in dallas, it took the soul of the nation. those killed and wounded were protecting the safety of those who were peacefully protesting against racial injustice in the criminal justice system. those who were marching were marching against the shocking images we saw in st. paul and so oftenge and seen elsewhere of too many black lives lost. believe the dallas police department is one of the finest in the nation.
5:50 pm
this incredibly diverse city i believe will be able to bridge the divide here. dallas mayor,the let us use our words carefully. let us act with unity and not division. the dallas police chief one of the leading chiefs and america words toere are no describe the atrocity that occurred to our city. all i know is this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens." as americans, we are wounded by all of these deaths. it's on all of us to stand up and speak out about the disparities in our criminal justice system. just as it is on all of us to stand up for the police to protect our communities every single day. in these days and weeks ahead we are going to continue to offer our thoughts and prayers and provide comfort to the brokenhearted families. but they will only be redeemed
5:51 pm
by the courage of our actions that honor their memories. this violence has to stop, it's not normal. it's not who we are. at this time of testing, we can't be pulled apart. we are americans with bonds that hold us together. we enter, we overcome and we stand together. ofi'm senator pat toomey pennsylvania. for most americans, last weekend included picnics and fireworks and independence day celebrations. one father marks the time quite differently. tim, last weekend marked the one-year anniversary of his daughter's murder. wasas july 1, 2015, and jim walking arm in arm with his daughter kate on a san francisco pier. suddenly a gunman opened fire, hitting kate. she fell into her father's arms. her last words were, help me, dad, a s she bled to death.
5:52 pm
tragedy was compounded by the fact that the shooter should never have been on the pier that day. he was a career criminal who had previously been convicted of seven felonies, and he was an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. what's even more maddening is three months earlier, the san francisco sheriff's office had the man in custody. learning this, the obama administrations department of homeland security asked the sheriff's office to hold him or at least notify them before releasing him so federal officials could pick him up. san francisco refused. instead, they released kate's killer. why did they do that? because san francisco is a sanctuary city that forbids its local law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials, even when they are trying to detain criminals.
5:53 pm
as a father of three young children, i can't even imagine the pain that the family has had to endure. they are not alone. an internal department of homeland security memo revealed that during an eight month period in 2014, sanctuary cities across america released 8000 illegal immigrants and 1800 of them were later arrested for criminal acts. in both cases, the individuals were later rearrested for sexually assaulting additional young children. this policy makes absolutely no sense. fromno wonder officials across the political spectrum and numerous law enforcement groups have criticized these dangerous century city policies. even president obama's secretary of homeland security, jeh johnson, called the policies not acceptable.
5:54 pm
and counterproductive to public safety. these leaders understand, this issue is not about immigration, it's about public safety. the vast majority of immigrants in america would never commit any such crime, but any very large group of people has got to include some terrible people within it. about 11 million illegal --itgrants in our country a makes no sense to give those violent criminals any safe havens. why i introduced the stop dangerous century city's act. by legislation states if a city chooses to be a sanctuary city, it will not receive certain federal -- sanctuary cities impose terrible costs on our communities and our country, including increased crime and tragically, lost lives like kate's. we should withhold some federal taxpayer dollars from the cities until they reverse course and
5:55 pm
start cooperating with federal immigration officials to prevent the release of these dangerous criminals. this week the senate tried to take action on my legislation and it was supported i a bipartisan majority. but unfortunately, the minority of the u.s. senate, led by minority leader harry reid, blocked us from even debating the bill. it's just outrageous. this must not stand. the safety of the american people is too important. the lives of kate and so many others are too important to allow century cities to remain. this is why i will continue fighting to protect our communities. i'm the pennsylvania senator, pat toomey. thank you. >> they are taking a break on the second day of the democratic national committee platform meeting in orlando. we will resume coverage when they come back. president obama held a news
5:56 pm
conference in warsaw earlier today, where he's attending the nato summit. he began with remarks about the dallas police shooting. prisons obama: -- president obama: this has been a tough week. yesterday to attorney general loretta lynch, i stressed that the justice department and our federal government should continue to do everything we can to assist the investigation in dallas and to support the police and the city of dallas as they deal with this tragedy. call to chiefmy brown, i commended him for showing outstanding leadership during an extremely challenging time, and asked him to convey to all the officers and their families at the american people are grieving with them and that we stand with them. i will have the opportunity to convey our condolences and show
5:57 pm
solidarity when i visit dallas in a few days. before i do, let me make some very brief points. all, as painful as this i firmly believe as divideda is not as some have suggested. americans of all races and all backgrounds are rightly outraged by the inexcusable attacks on police, whether it's in dallas or any place else. protesters.s whoncludes family members have grave concerns about police conduct. they've said this is on acceptable. .here is no division there
5:58 pm
americans of all races and all backgrounds are also rightly saddened and angered about the deaths of alton sterling and philando castilo, and about the larger persistent problem of african-americans and latinos being treated differently in our .riminal justice system sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps. but there is unity and that this is not how we want our communities to operate. this is not who we want to be as americans. forthat serves as the basis us being able to move forward in a constructive and positive way.
5:59 pm
so, we cannot let the actions of a few define all of us. the demented individual who carried out those attacks in dallas is no more representative of african-americans than the shooter in charleston was representative of white americans, or the shooter in orlando or san bernardino were representative of muslim-amer icans. they don't speak for us. that's not who we are. one of the things that gives me hope this week is actually seeing how the overwhelming majority of americans reacted, with empathy and understanding. police continue to reach out to communities that
6:00 pm
they serve all across the country, and show incredible professionalism as they are protecting protesters. we have seen activists, grassroots groups, who have expressed concern about police shootings, but are also adamant in their support of the dallas police department. which is particularly appropriate, because the dallas police department is a great example of a department that has taken the issue of police shootings seriously. in -- hasngaged engaged in an approach that has not only brought down their murder rates, but also drastically reduced complaints around police misconduct. that is the spirit that we all need to


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